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Journal Entry: Tue Aug 7, 2012, 1:04 AM's been like, what...over 3 years since Ive made a journal entry? Since its dA's 12th bday today we get free journal skins so Im takin full advantage of it!

If it isnt obvious I am no longer updating this site. *sad face* A lot has happened in the last 3...4....5 years since I last updated. long story short, school has been completed, careers have been started and life has moved on.

While I dont do as much drawing as I used to, you can view my design portfolio at lots of cool stuff there.

I also have a horror/creepypasta blog I update daily at

And just to let whomever is reading this know, I do still enjoy all the artists I follow, you all rock. To all those that are still leaving me comments/favs on my work, thank you, you are all terrific people.

Have a good life!



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Personal Quote: "I'm not dumb. I just have a command of thoroughly useless information"

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kXXchan Featured By Owner May 19, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I was walking down the sidewalk when I fell up
Up over the buildings, up over the town
And into a plane's propeller
And blood rained down.

the drops fell upon me,
as i passed by some maids.
they were sticky and red,
oh shi- i got aids!

And as our poor friend Dustin withered and decayed
He seized the chance, went, and got laid
He actually set out to infect us all
Which makes survivors sit back and go 'lol.'

and as he was coming to the end of his time,
he found it harder and harder to get things to rhyme.
and he slit his wrists, not across-but down...
and fell into the water source of a populated town.

The townspeople there all got super sick
All cursing Dustin, "WTF! What a dick!"
Cuz they all got teh AIDS, and other stuff too
From drinking from water which was red and not blue.

technically water is clear,
kchan my dear.
but that doesnt matter
cause im getting fatter.
now heres two more lines of text.
lets see you rhyme next!

Speaking of water's translucence
Is really not more than a nuisance
So again, the topic will change
Because you're also developing mange.
Back to the watering hole, we'll fly
Where the people vomit, then fuck and die.

it sounds like were pulling
this out of our head.
the rhymes getting simpler
and the topics now dead.
but it doesnt matter cause im having fun,
*undoes your apron and begins to run*

Oh man, at Kinko's, that's where you'll pay
for pulling my apron, all fucking day.

one time i pulled it,
and not another time more.
besides, you know you loved it,
you naughty little whor- woman.

You do it all day, you son of a bitch
Or it might be Pat, I'm not sure which.
But regardless, you guys should chill out a bit
Or one of you punks is gonna get hit.

you hit me, im gonna sue
turn into a cow, then ill say "moo"
ill take a poop, then eat some grass,
then turn around and kick yo ass

"Kristina's blasting off again!" I'll sing
As I shoot off into space, gone with a "ping!"
All the while wondering exactly how
And why you turned into that cow.

well, ill turn back into myself,
and stack some paper on a shelf.
ill then get bitched at by Sid,
because of something "wrong" i did.

"Shame on you, this isn't right!
And now this package will miss its flight!
This order is still lacking its quality checks!

goddamit Sid youre not my boss,
and if i quit its no big loss.
I only work three part time days,
so fuck you and your anal ways.

At those words, Sid would burst into tears
Not believing the words he hears
And into the server closet he'd run, out of breath
And pull out a spoon to cook him some meth.

hed pop out of the closet, happy as a clam.
ship some packages and say "good day mamm"
hed take an order but leave out crucial details,
then get on our ass about not selling direct mails

And the whole time we watch Sid complain
David is slowly going insane
He'll pick up a boxcutter, hear it click thrice
Until the blade sticks out, shiny and nice.

then he'll stab sid, right in the spine
and we'll watch him writher and whine.
with his dying breath he'll sell direct mail,
then we'll get arrested and sentenced to jail

Together we'll sit, the three of us
Side by side, on the penetentiary bus
David's still crazy, Kristina will cry
And you look to the ceiling and question "WHY?!"

the wheels on the bus go round and round,
round and round, round and round.
but together we'll hitch a dastardly plan,
then knock out and kill the bus-driver man.

We were in the middle of the desert when we left the bus
Still in our uniforms, the three of us
And what terrible criminals we have become
Simply because sometimes Sid was dumb

across the desert we walked through the sand,
tired and thirsty and hungry and tanned.
"it was all worth it" david quietly muttered,
as the vultures above squacked and fluttered.

But was it really worth it, to kill young Sid
The only one at 0400 who takes a bid?
Perhaps it was, Dustin thought
When out from the sand emerged a robot.

but dustin pulled out his +7 sheild of lightning,
and the robot hit it with a ping
kristina pulled out her magic stick,
and turned the robot into a brick,
and david was just like wtf!

"What the crap is this?!" David cried
"It's nothing at all," we confide.
"After you killed Sid, we just fled.
And all this is happening inside Dustin's head."

and with those words dustin awoke,
cause kristina gave him a poke,
for she wanted to say
im hungry lets get some subway

And then the thought rushed through Dustin's head
"WTF is she doing in my bed?"
And with that, he let out a series of screams
And awakened all Torrance from their dreams.

Quickly he called a bunch of cops,
as they chased kristina, away she hops
out of the house and down the street,
then she was humped by a dog-skeet skeet skeet

"EWW" Kristina screamed in dismay
As she shoved the cops and dogs away
And continued to run as fast as she could
Leaping and dodging down Ellinwood.

but no matter how far she fled,
she could not shake that feeling of dread.
she then hit a bush and her chest did hurt,
cause at dustins house she had left her shirt.

With scratches and blood covering her chest
She continued to bolt, without any rest
And when she was about to give up for the day
Out from a car stepped Andrew WK

rapidy rap im andrew wk,
girl stop running and do it my way.
shank those cops then punch and sock,
bitches love me cause they know that i can rock.

Inspired by what her idol said
Kristina punched a cop in the head
Though she had an unfair advantage, as they stood in awe
Of her lack of shirt, and even less bra.

then one of the cops gave her a shirt,
and did his best not to flirt.
but couldnt stop himself and hard as he tried,
and under kristinas legs the cop did hide.

A bed with Kristina the cop did share
Laying around and petting her hair
With his squinty eyes and hairy face
HOLY SHIT, that cop is Chase

chase left her bed to play his Wii,
and then decided to take a pee.
and while he was makin the golden shower,
kristina kept waiting for over an hour.

The more impatient Kristina grew
Her sense of anger at Dustin did too
She put her clothes and got her bat
And drove to over to Dustin's, oh shat.

i couldnt run, i couldnt flee
aaah! why are you attacking me?
it was just chase taking a pee,
*points behind you* oh, there is he!

In her defense, she swung at Chase
And hit him straight on in the face
It hurt but improved him, you have to admit
Cuz now he looks like an Asian Brad Pitt.

im so pretty! chase pitt said,
although ive got lumps on my head.
but i know hat they will heal,
so now i can go and date that seal.

To that remark, Kristina got sad
And decided to give up the life she had.
Until she remembered she had big boobs
And hit up a bar to pick up some noobs.
slave-boy Featured By Owner May 19, 2011
what. the. fuck. hahahaha

how long did this take?
kXXchan Featured By Owner May 6, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
For sooth my son.
slave-boy Featured By Owner May 7, 2011
no meh forsooth can stickybun i geese
kXXchan Featured By Owner May 7, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
lovablelozer13 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2010   Photographer
YAY! thanks :D
slave-boy Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2010
haha your welcome
lovablelozer13 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2010   Photographer
thanks for the fav! :)
wanna give me a llama?? :D
kamekichi Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2008
I just frightened myself looking at Per2oodles.........
slave-boy Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2008
ha, oh the memories
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